Friday, January 04, 2013


Somebody is in my bed...

That is the treasured afghan that Harley dog and I fight over. My angelic friend paid their roommate to have  this handmade for me about 10 years ago. It's huge and oh so warm and fluffy. Harley loves it too.

Santa Claus brought him a purple plaid vest. It is super soft and warm.

Somebody is in my seat...

How does one little dog claim the best seat?  That is the passenger seat rotated around.  He has his pillow, bed and blankie piled up in his chair. Those gray curtains block the windshield and side windows at night. Um... I guess I could have hung them a little neater. By day, I roll them up and tuck them under the sun visors. This is more or less the best system I've found for a Class C mini-motorhome forward windshield and side curtains.

Somebody is in my yard...

These birds are not the least bit afraid of my tiny puppy dog. They are so massive compared to him, that they just wander around eating, totally ignoring him.

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