Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What Would You Do?

Smoke is so hard to photograph!  But in this case, you can't even see across the street. This was the result of yesterday's prescribed fires.  I surely wish I had been alerted in advance.  The entire campground was coughing and sputtering. The dog and I were plenty sick from the fumes. Today I have a lot of cleaning up to do.

This morning I was home in my wheel estate, trying to force myself into some much needed housekeeping when I heard a loud waterfall.

Two lots down was a big Class A RV with water gushing out of it like a miniature Niagara Falls, rapidly flooding the ground. I ran over, turned off the water supply, then banged on their door.  Oops, I stepped in a big muddy hole. Yucky poo!  Now my shoe and foot are filthy and wet.

It's true, no good deed goes unpunished.

I banged on the door again. Nobody was home.

A couple walking by watching the waterfall told me NOT to turn their water off.

Huh?  Are you serious?

I explained about the flood waters coming out of their RV and that's why I turned their water off.

They admonished me not to mess with other people's stuff.

Huh?  Did I hear that right?

Well, I can't just sit by idly when someone is in need of a Good Samaritan during an emergency.  A few minutes after I shut the water off, the water flow stopped. But I of course have no idea what the inside of their RV looks like by now, but it can't be pretty.

If my motorhome sprung a leak in my absence I would surely appreciate someone shutting the water down for me. I wouldn't accuse them of messing with my stuff.

Next I called the office (over a mile away) telling them the situation. I asked them to check if those people might have a cell phone on file, maybe the office could call to alert them there is a problem with their RV. The lady said she was making a note of it. Not sure if that means she will do something or not, but at least I put in my two cents effort.

You never know if the people went out for breakfast or if they left in their car on a lengthy trip.  I've seen quite a few people leave their RV's for several days to go visit somewhere else.  Here again, if I were out and about and the office called me to tell say my RV had a serious water leak, I would be most appreciative and dash back home.

I surely hope the owners are not mad at me for messing with their stuff.  All I did was turn the water off. I didn't take an ax to their door or begin renovations. That would be messing with their stuff in my opinion.

What would you do?  Sit back and watch the water pouring out of their RV or turn the water off for them?

I stand behind my decision and time will tell if I am in trouble for doing what I perceived to be "the right thing" in an emergency.

Pay it forward. You just never know what can happen next.


  1. I would have done the same and I hope if I ever have a similar problem with my RV, I have a neighbor as thoughtful as you!
    We witnessed a somewhat similar situation last summer. There was a couple that was traveling with three small dogs. They left one evening to go to dinner or somewhere and must have not pulled the door shut all the way. Soon after they left, the door popped open and the three dogs went running. Several of us chased after the dogs and once they were all caught, the campground manager put the dogs back inside the RV and pulled the door shut.
    Can you imagine if he had a similar rule of "not messing with other people's stuff?"
    Needless to say, the owners were very grateful as I am sure your neighbors will be once they find out what you did.

  2. You meet the oddest people. You should have asked 'where are you staying, so I'll know not to touch your stuff?' Keep us posted about the owners when they come home and tell you how much you are appreciated. ;-)

  3. I would have done exactly what you did and would hope that should I be in that same predicament that a kind hearted soul would turn the water off. You have done your good deed for the day. Time to relax and watch the show when they return home.

    Be safe...

  4. I'm almost positive I would have told the passers by to mind their own business.

    I am positive that I would have done exactly what you did.

    as you posted yesterday ... no one is friendly there much less helpful. jeez

  5. Doesn't sound like a very nice place.You did the right thing turning off the water and you should have told those idiots myob.

  6. This happened where I am staying and I did the same thing. They were thankful that I did it. If I am going to away from my RV overnight, I disconnect the water and my electric is on a surge protector.


    Try to rest and take care of yourself and Harley.

  8. Coming in late on this one, but I'd think most RVers would appreciate what you had done! Sounds like you have a community of snobs this year. Weird stuff. Reminds me of when I worked in a gated community of seniors. I got yelled at constantly & was told I wasn't welcomed there. I thought what a strange neighborhood. Spoke with the gate guard, yep, he confirmed that the folks there did not like any stranger at all in their little gated world. Cept maybe the pizza delivery person...


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