Monday, January 07, 2013

Doctor or Bicycle?

Miniture red Bicycle by
Miniture Bicycle

Two miles!

Yesterday I rode my shiny red bicycle two whole miles on flat pavement!  My thighs are on fire and I breathe heavy. *Huff*  *Puff*  My doggy was so sad I left him at home with my visiting friend.

Today I rode about a mile and a half with a six-and-a-half pound puppy in my handlebar basket.  *Groan*  *Whew*.

I am trying not to overdo it, so I can ride everyday until I get into shape for three miles or four miles...  *Ha Ha Ha! Tee Hee Hee!*

Or making just the two miles without feeling like I should park at the morgue when I finish.

People stare, point and laugh. My little doggy sits in the handlebar basket acting like he is king of the road and this shiny red bicycle was bought just for his personal use.

What a monkey!

My friend with a car, took me to buy a bicycle lock cable. I picked a nice one because I don't want any casual thieves to see my shiny red bicycle and take it away from me.  Back at my RV lot, I hide my beautiful bike under an ugly old table cloth, securely locking my bike to my wheel estate.

My thighs ache, I'm out of breath, but I sure am happy!

Everyday when I think life is too hard to ride a bicycle, I ask myself:

"Self? Would you rather spend an hour waiting at the doctor's office for their latest torture or would you rather spend an hour riding your bicycle?"

So to heck with medical care, I am riding my bicycle and see if that doesn't help my health and cure what ails me. Time will tell.

Lawdy mercy, I have no idea what I am going to do when I am  forced to relocate to a place with hills, but for now, I am trying to build up strength and stamina to ride on the nice level roads and paths. I only have two months here and one week is already gone. March could land me living at the truck stop, but I hope not. I have faith something good will happen to land me in an RV lot.  My next workamping gig starts April 15th,and I am only here until the end of February,  so I have six whole weeks to figure out where to live.

One day soon, we (that is doggy and I) are going to attempt a ride all the way to the dog park, with the puppy in the basket. I have dreams of locking my bicycle to the fence then letting the dog run wild at the off-leash park while I rest my thighs.

Next, I am saving up for a water bottle holder for the bicycle. I am mighty thirsty after every ride. In the interim, I think I can use a bungee cord to tie a bottle to the rear rack. Of course I don't buy water, but I buy Brita filters for my Brita jug  and filter my own water. I have some small cute water bottles that I keep topped up around the wheel estate so I have fresh tasty water available.

Oh life is good and I have no idea what I did to deserve such good fortune!


  1. As I think of you and Harley on the bike, I can not help but see that scene from the Wizard of Oz:)

  2. I love bike riding. Have only been able to ride mine once since I restored it. the weather is either too bad or I'm in physical therapy. I used to take a sack lunch to the bayou on my bike. Loved those days.


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