Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013

I am alive, kicking and taking names  but snowed under a mountain of paperwork threatening to sink my mini-motorhome and or crush me to death or both.

Decades ago, circa 1982 when our firm was using the Kaypro Portable Computers I received a memo that read "Computers will substantially eliminate most all paperwork in the very near future."

I was ecstatic!  We kept copious backups of our client's work so that we could eliminate paperwork in favor of floppy disks that held thousands upon thousands of printed pages all on little floppy disks.

Did anyone else get that memo?  Because now when I go shopping for one item, instead of a tiny one inch receipt, I get two feet of the stuff spit out at me to lug around in my wallet or to file or build a mountain with. Electronic letters are followed up with paper faxes and printed snail mails and so on.

Should I just toss out my clothes and food to make room for all the paperwork piling up around me?

What's even worse is changing your address can result in an avalanche of paperwork delivered to both your old and new address in addition to multiple emails.

If I can't plow through all my emails, how will I plow through all this paperwork?


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  1. When I worked at the hospital...they said same paper and time saving words to us...NOT


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