Monday, January 21, 2013

Outdoor Circus

dearmissmermaid at wickham park in melbourne florida

The circus has come to town!


My playground always looks like the circus has set up. That big fancy rig with the dark graphics?  That is NOT me. That is the neighbors, who are probably sorry they ended up parked next to me and my silly little dog and my oh so comfy al fresco den, dining, study, office, work room and so on.

Look at all that shade I have on my lot. That's because the rig next door appears to be twice as tall as my little old mini-motorhome. A day later, when this rig left town, I suddenly had loads of sunshine!  In all reality they are probably only three or four feet taller than my rig, which mine measures about 9 feet tall, but with all the junk on the roof, it comes to ten-and-a-half-feet. They look like they are fourteen or more feet tall with all their stuff on the roof.

For you sticks and bricks folks, many RV's have equipment sticking up on the roof, like the overhead air conditioning unit, a chimneys for the propane refrigerator, a plumbing vent, overhead exhaust vent covers and so on. The TV antenna is typically built-in too, but it's on a crank system where you can lower it down for driving, otherwise it might just blow right off as you roar down the highway.

I hope to get back to writing everyday. I've been so busy with getting well and having company who has been extremely tolerant of my erratic energy. Nothing worse than trying to entertain company while being sickly too, but my friend has known me for ages and knows this can sometimes happen, so they weren't too freaked out.

One day I fell asleep in their car on the way to the grocery store!  Sheesh. Luckily they thought it was pretty funny. Not only did I fall asleep, but the doggy curled up in my lap and slept too. Oh aren't we just a barrel of fun.

My friend loves my little doggy, so he got to ride in his car every where. He often sits on the back shelf behind their back seat, looking like a stuffed toy with a bobbing head.

One day we were returning to the car when I exclaimed "Good doggy!  You guarded the car well!"  What's even funnier is that my friend's car is a good 20 years old. Maybe older.

I heard giggles and realized a family was sitting in their car nearby, amused that I was thrilled that a 6 pound dog could guard an old car so effectively.

My dear friend took me out to a lovely Asian buffet. After we got back to the motorhome and campsite, I opened up my purse and discovered that *OOPS* a little piece of meat had fallen inside, so I gave it to the dog as a treat. He was thrilled.

Good grief, I must strive to be neater.

I would hate to make the headlines: "Woman Arrested For Stealing Meatball".

Another day I was cooking, and chopping up food when a small piece of cheese rolled off the counter and onto the floor. My friend said "You dropped something!"

I said "Yes and hopefully the little janitor will come along to clean it up."

I guess the doggy is a mind reader. He leaped out of his chair coming into the tiny kitchen area to devour the "mess" I had made.

Good doggy, great janitor!

Life is good.

Well, I hate to admit it, but I am exhausted from recuperating, so I am going to lay down for a cat nap to rejuvenate my energy after I hang up the wet laundry to dry.


Life is goof!