Saturday, August 17, 2013

61F Degrees in August in the South?

This is August in the South. Notorious for hot humid sultry days. Not waking up to 61F degrees. I went to bed with a horrible tooth ache. Woke up c-c-c-cold thinking ut-oh, something bad wrong here. Last time I was cold but it was hot, my blood pressure had plummeted. But the thermometer read 61F degrees. So WHEW, all is well, just weird weather.

Good grief, I better test out the bed warmer. Harley had tunneled underneath an errant feather pillow, using it as his own personal comforter.

I am thrilled!  I love wide open windows, fresh air and the outdoors. As soon as I relocated outside to live on the patio for the day, it poured down rain.

Just the other day out of sheer luck I stumbled into a pair of jeans drastically reduced that fit my short legs without hemming. I was in the back of a store I sometimes visit because they have racks in the very back with prices marked way down. Usually I cruise through and find nothing that fits that I like, but once in a great while I strike gold.

I bought the bluejeans for winter.

Today I am already wearing them. They haven't even had their break in wash yet.

The fun part is, I have a loaner car. My dear sweet wonderful friend loaned me a car for a few weeks. But it's been way too hot to take the silly dog with me anywhere if he has to wait in the car. So going out hasn't been a ton of fun.

Driving the RV with my doggy with me all the time, has been a real treat.

Later in the day, it quit raining, it was still cool, so Harley and I went to explore other parks and go dog walking in new places. I don't really have any funds to go places, but the parks generally let me in free since I am an avid volunteer.

I wish I could teach Harley to water the bushes before we go somewhere. We were driving across the lake bridges when he started singing at the top of his little lungs. Well that typically means he is READY to find a bush.

He rides around in his padded milk crate. He was slipping all over the seat, so I put his dog bed in the seat, but it was sliding around too.  Somehow it was escaping the seat belt.  The next trip I buckled in the milk crate with his old doggy bed stuffed down in it for some padding.

He liked the security of not sliding off the seat, but now he wanted to look out the window. So next I put a pillow under the crate. Then I shoved it over closer to the window. Now he can sit up and look out, or curl up and snooze.

As a puppy he was scared to look out the window with the world rushing by, but now he loves it. I even put the window down some so when we were cruising a campground he could sniff and look as we went by.

We went to Springfield Campground on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. 75 of their 79 sites are water front. I was so surprised the place wasn't crowded.  It was beautiful. Terraced flat sites with incredible views. It made me homesick for a campground. I live all alone in my park, which is very nice, but no other campers or puppy dogs around so it can get a tad lonesome, but I am used to solitude.

I spent a decade all alone on my sailboat at numerous anchorages. Life just continues to be one big adventure. I'm so lucky to be alive enjoying it too.

Oh come on Harley, it's not THAT cold!

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