Sunday, August 18, 2013

Photo Bang

Snakes gone wild?

When my friends moved to Brazil, they gave me all their bungee cords. I use them for dozens of things when I pack up the circus to sail the highways. I dump them all out while I search for the perfect one for the job.

The loaner car I have isn't safe for Harley. So I hooked his milk crate into the seat belt, then stuffed his old doggy bed in it for padding. This keeps him from sliding  off the seat by accident. He is on top of the bed, rather than in it, when he lays down, he is totally ensconced in his homemade pet seat.

Firewood in the RV shower or a  lousy excuse for a fireplace. This came about by accident. I was traveling with a friend early last spring when it was nippy at night. We were packing to move to a different campground and through mis-communication, the firewood didn't have a temporary home yet we could easily use it at the next campground.  My quick solution was fill up the shower with firewood. Campgrounds charge a lot for the stuff, which is why I brought it along to the next place. The basket on top is Harley dog's bicycle basket. He loves to ride around in it on the bicycle. The towel above is hung up to dry, luckily I showered before we packed up.

I have all the bungee cords corralled back in their zippered baggie after finding the perfect one for the job. I recycle everything. This is a zippered bag that bed sheets came inside of. My friend bought stacks of sheets and was throwing out the baggies when I nabbed them. Yippie!

The long long driveway. That is my little old motorhome at the end of the driveway. This is where I am currently workamping. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

 Shhhh.  Doggy is sleeping while I drive the loaner car.

Classy cooking. Tee hee hee.
My Jacksonville friends gave me a big 5 gallon bucket which I use for lots of purposes including a table for outdoor crockpot cooking. In the shower picture above, the bucket was stuffed with firewood.

We were touring a campground on the lake. Harley was picking out his campsite. Each one we drove by, he would say "Stop!  That's the one I want!"

Wheels keep on turning.
I was at a red light snapping this picture through the windshield. There are more wheels than I could fit in the picture. The cargo is multiple RV tow dollies for cars. I'm impressed that the trucker has attached each one individually to his truck. That must have taken all day to secure. 

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