Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Mothership Came For Me

The mothership arrived to take me home to my planet far far away. But the UFO hunters captured her before she could spirit me away.

Her antigravity landing gear is not set up correctly for mother earth. She hovers far above the ground.

The government built a powerful magnet to try to force her to stay in one place. Unable to get inside, they built a frame and a railing surrounding her so they could take turns poking around trying to get inside.

The magnet is so powerful that if you stand too close to it, the metal zipper on the fly of your pants will rip right off and cling to the magnet. See the vertical lines on the magnet? That is zippers from those that dared to get too close.

Well Toto, I guess this means we aren't going home just yet. 

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