Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One Shoe Left But No Ears

I'm OK.

Just that August is a tough rough month. So many passed on in this month and I miss them all in so many ways.

Four years ago today, I escaped the hell hole of the hospital I was in on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Sadly, many I left behind, didn't make it out.

Hard to believe it!  Seems like yesterday. And I made it THIS FAR!  Alive!

I am so fantastically happy to wake up again today. Angels have looked after me, especially earth angels who have helped me and the Bark Ranger out in so many wonderful ways.

Thank you, thank you thank you.

I feel so blessed. Nobody thought I would live 4 months, much less 4 years, so WOW.

Every day is just a wonderful gift!  I've learned how to get by on a little and have a lot. I have life, a silly puppy and a little old motorhome providing a roof over my head. Yay!

Having this little bundle of fur has brought me a lot of joy and a ton of work. Heaven help us. He is pestering me now to give him some attention and play toss the teddy bear or squeak the piggy.

I gave Harley dog a bath then hung him out to dry. He sure smells nicer. Still looks goofy though.

At puppy school he flirted outrageously, did most of what the teacher wanted until he became full of treats. Then he lost interest, preferring to rough and tumble with the other puppies.

They had a little spat, but dogs forget it in 10 seconds, so all is well. The teacher was using squeaky toys and there was a slight disagreement over who had which toy.

We made it out on two walks today. One of them we cleaned up the garbage on about a half mile of road leading up to the park. Our bucket was overflowing so we had to turn around and come home to empty it. What a shame, we had that road looking so nice and then they trashed it again.

I am still volunteer workamping at the park. The public never ceases to amaze me. A few years back, the lake had many tragic drownings. So a free loaner life jacket program was introduced. It's basically handled on the honor system.

Most folks borrow the jackets for themselves or their kids, then return them to the rack. But sometimes not. So I come along, picking them up, putting them back so others can find and use them as desired.

I have NO idea what happened. The rack was empty this morning, where it had been full last evening. Somebody or several had removed all the loaner life jackets from the racks and scattered them far and wide around the entire park. They were all dry, so doubtful they were used for midnight swimming. The park closes at 10pm, but that doesn't stop folks from showing up.

It leaves me scratching my head, but I restored order. We have a rack full of free loaner life jackets again. It only took me an hour to round them all up again, most were no where near the water.

Maybe I slept through a tornado that scattered them?

One morning I expected to find a naked body. I was out in the park with my litter picker, cleaning up the mess folks throw around, mostly beer cans. As I progressed, I found a lone shoe, then socks, undies, a shirt, a pair of pants, scattered throughout the park.  Each item was about 100 feet from the next.  It was as if someone was running through the park while shedding clothing items. What will they think up next?

I never did find a naked body, thank goodness. Maybe they swam away. Usually I pile up clothing, towels and toys by the life jacket loaner rack. If the stuff isn't gone in 24 hours, then I toss it out.

Well, I've been saving up all the toys. I can drop those off at a donation center at some point. I never find a pair of shoes. It's always one lone shoe. Do people just walk around with one shoe off and never notice?

Harley could use a spare ear... Nobody seems to lose an ear though.

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