Monday, August 05, 2013

Canine School Session 2 With the Class Clown

I took Harley dog to canine school today.

He arrived with wild enthusiasm, kissing his teacher, dancing around the room, teasing the other puppies to play with him while flirting outrageously with the pet parents and shoppers.

They moved the classroom and built semi walls for it. Is that because a certain somebody kept escaping last week?

Today Harley paraded back and forth, waiting for the fun and games to start. He was like a comedian trying to warm up the audience.

He is clueless he is here to learn. Even though we tried practicing his homework all week, I was sure he would flunk his demonstration.

However, when it was time to test his new behavior, he suddenly snapped to attention and acted like it was nothing to learn a few things and show them off.  Then he went back to clowning around again.

Heaven help me.

It was still muggy outside after class, so we speed walked around the store up and down the aisles to give us both some exercise.

He tried to get everybody's attention "Look at me! I'm the star of the show!"


Life is goof!