Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ah The Comforts of Home

The thrill of cooking out at campgrounds.
 Harley dog treed a raccoon that was wanting to shop for groceries at our camp.

The neighbors were thrilled to see our new toilet sitting on the picnic table. They kept stopping by and pointing. 

No sewer hookups, so up went the outside shower.
New toilet finally installed.
Unfortunately, the old carpet stayed.
It's OK, I have a tiny rug that hides the old hair dye stains. In my enthusiasm at having a working flushing toilet again I forgot to lay down the rug before the picture was taken.

Life is goof!

(and buy a new toilet!)


  1. Looks good. How about some peel and press vinyl tiles? Long story, but the drain came apart under my kitchen sink right when I was dumping some water I had cooked some crab in--soaked into the carpeting they put under my sink and I could not get the smell out, no matter what. (Who would put carpeting under a sink, even if it was flat carpeting?)

    So I went out and got a handful of self-sticking tiles from Lowes--they sell them individually. They are not too hard to cut and fit with a sharp knife and a cutting board. Look good and covered up the smell, which was the most important thing. Except now stuff slides around under kitchen sink.

    Full-timer Judy (who backed her motorhome into something and bent shank and pedal of her electric bike. Trying to get parts to replace.)

  2. So glad you have discovered the benefits of squatting. We've been doing it for some years now and it really helps.


Life is goof!