Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Too Much Fun

Yepper, we are exhausted.

This tired puppy is sound asleep!

I think he had too much fun. Those are some of my pillows in my padded cell. Other times we use it as a couch or sofa or bed. I am so lucky to have windows. That shade tortures me when it can. I want it to go UP all the way and it does... about once a week when it feels like it. I've tried rewinding the spring and all manners of things, but it's just random. I replaced it a few years ago, it's never really worked right, but it hasn't made it anywhere near the top of the repair list. Oh well.

Sometimes I just stick a spring clamp on it to hold it up. The big brown pillow has held up nicely, I bought 3 of those used years ago, they looked new but I had to vacuum a lot of dust out of them. They convert the bed to a sofa.

I can't write today, my RV is busy forcing me into repairs. The rig is only 22 years old and things breaking. Good grief.

My body is all banged up and putting up a fuss, but I woke up alive so it's all good.

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