Saturday, May 14, 2016

Country Setting

Recently I detoured down country roads to a remote location to visit a delightful friend who invited us to park on her country estate. She had RV hookups for electric and water as a huge bonus that I am super grateful for the generous use of. In the mornings and afternoons we sat outside letting Harley dog roam wild and free without tethered constraints while we chatted about anything and everything.

Harley hardly knew what to do with this new found freedom. A few times we had to reign him back in as he was curious to run off through the woods where 6 pound doggies shouldn't be out alone if they don't want to become part of the food chain. Other times he just stuck around nearby sniffing nature and pestering the humans. He wasn't playing with his toys much, but he did drag some out for show and tell. He is a funny little doggy, that makes us laugh. I think he preferred nature over toys, but for some reason, he likes to show visitors some of his toy collection by dragging them outside one at a time until he has a big pile.

I saw a gray fox trotting across the fields one morning, luckily I did have Harley on a generous tether because he was ready to give that fox a good bit of barking grief as well as give chase. The fox was quite startled unaware that such a tiny dog could make such a huge ferocious ruckus. Harley ran to the end of his super long tether where he then stood up on both hind legs jumping up and down while barking. It was hilarious to watch such a tiny dog pretend to be a big boy. The jumping on 2 legs like a kangaroo was incredible.

In the early evenings, we had potluck suppers. I bolted my beach umbrella to the camp table to give us some extra shade.

It was such a beautiful place. I was sad to depart, but I had a repair appointment 140 miles away to keep and then prepaid reservations, so we had to bid farewell and move along. Still it was 3 glorious days in a remote country setting. I am very grateful for the generous hospitality. It was great fun all around!

My friend drives a golf cart around the property. I had 70 feet of solar twinkle lights as a gift. I decorated her golf cart with them. They are tiny white lights I wrapped around the frame holding up the golf cart roof. There is a switch to have them on steady at night or blinking. The tiny solar panel recharges them by day and they won't come on in daylight to save the battery for night time use.

My ribs were hurting from laughing so hard because at night my friend was driving all over creation with the blinking lights on the golf cart. It was all very festive and fun.

Life is goof.

Laughter is fun!
dear miss mermaid, motorhome

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  1. It was so enjoyable reading about you and Harley enjoying yourselves. What a carefree visit for the both of you.


Life is goof!