Monday, May 09, 2016

Toilet Repairs With A Hacksaw

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Yes! Comments are coming through. I had to turn on moderation due to a strange problem. I check when I go on the internet and if there are comments for moderation, I hit the publish button and they show up. Hopefully I can turn the moderation back off soon, so comments can appear instantly.

Life is goof!

I've been so busy with repairs lately and not enough time to write.

My toilet broke!

If you can't fix it with a hammer, then it must be an electrical problem.

Well, this was a plumbing problem so I fixed it with a hacksaw.


In the interim, a hacksaw made a temporary repair.

I kid you not!

Back in 2010, I published Can A New Toilet Seat Bring Happiness?

At that time I was upset that my old toilet seat looked very yellowed like urine yellow. NOTHING would clean it or change the color.  I found out later this was possibly sun yellow from the previous owners leaving the shade up in the bathroom while the seat was open on the toilet. This made it yellow but in an uneven manner. It's the same reason my white sink is also yellow. Luckily the sink has an even yellow color not the weird markings the old toilet seat had. Even worse, the toilet seat sold for around $50 which is ridiculous. Then the hinges broke and well I had to cave in and buy a new toilet seat for $50 to keep from falling in when I sat down.

Check Amazon here for Thetford toilet seat.  They are selling today for $45 to $62. Simply ridiculous!

So now today, well actually yesterday, the flipping toilet flusher broke. I woke up sat down, did my thing, then stood up to turn around and flush the toilet. A piece of plastic flew by. The flushing handle broke.

No way to flush my toilet.


This is a TINY motorhome.

Well a hacksaw revealed the broken part. Now I can don a leather glove and flush my toilet. Without the leather glove, the piece of jagged plastic is too sharp and painful to flush.

Good grief.

You are looking at a lever sticking out, well there are TWO levers. One is white (the one you see) that puts fresh water in the toilet. The gray lever that broke controls the valve that opens the toilet so the contents are removed and relocated to the black tank. You can't really see the gray lever in the picture because it is BROKEN OFF.

But since I hack-sawed the toilet, I can put on a leather glove, feel around for the gray broken lever, then flush the toilet.

Ain't life grand!

With the lid closed on the $50 seat, all looks "innocent".

I found out Amazon sells a new RV toilet for $126.78 which includes the pricey lid. In the picture I have my lid covered in a soft toilet seat cover that I found at Dollar Tree years ago for $1. I like it because my broom closet (yeah that yellow stick to the left is my rubber broom hanging on the wall). Anyhow I like the fuzzy toilet seat cover because sometimes I sit on the seat to peruse my medicine cabinet on the right (not shown in pic, but trust me, it's there above the white counter top.)

So I don't even get to keep my old princely pricey $50 seat and lid if I buy a new toilet. It comes with a new lid and seat.

Good grief.

Well, I just hope my $1 seat cover will fit the new toilet, if and when...



  1. Yes, but if you buy the new toilet seat you will then have a spare lid for the future. Ain't life grand!

  2. Don't forget the two rubber rings you need. Actually, you might be able to skip them, but replacing them with the toilet will prevent the future agony of leaks.

    Just started reading your book and enjoying it.



Life is goof!