Friday, May 06, 2016

Shade For Shade

Usually umbrellas are used to block hot and heavy sunshine. In this case the campsite is shady but the trees constantly rain down debris. Up went the umbrellas. Down came the tree debris.

The brown umbrella is a freebie cobbled together about 3 years ago that is still functioning. My other dumpster umbrella was a beach umbrella that finally died in a high gust of wind a few months ago. It was replaced with an inexpensive beach umbrella from Dollar General with a $5 coupon that brought the price down to $8. It's the turquoise colored one. It tilts which is a huge bonus. If the sun is in my eyes I can tilt it to block that. Usually I just drag my chair around in different directions. But if I have company and we're sitting around yacking it up, then somebody might end up with sun in their eyes, so tilting the umbrella is a big help.

At any rate, the umbrellas sure makes the campsite look rather festive. The box fan is there to blow away the mosquitoes and dry out my wet shoes. Some days the mozzies show up and others day they don't. Most days I get my shoes wet from using the outside shower. Sometimes I just want to squirt water across my face to cool a fever or to simply cool down on a hot day. It's easier to do this outside with the outside faucet than inside and make a mess. Sometimes I forget to move my feet out of the way and my shoes get wet.

Any day I wake up on top of the grass as opposed to under it, I know I am in for a grand adventure.

Wet shoes and all.

Luckily my shoes are made to withstand the water, so it's not a big deal.

Life is goof.


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