Sunday, August 27, 2017

Colorful Weather

There are so many colorful ways to view our world! That's Florida towards the right and the wild weather we are getting right now. To the west is Hurricane Harvey.

I found this at:,28.99,1821

I am unclear about how to manipulate it further. I had fun trying though!

I haven't written much lately because I have been so busy patching things up. My electric assist on the bicycle mysteriously died in May. I was horrified!

Anyhow, numerous phone calls, emails, trips to the post office and back mailing off various parts until the entire kit, caboodle and batteries ended up in Seattle. They kept saying "It works fine here! Mail us this or mail or that..."

Now I had nothing. 

I kept riding my bicycle, but was too wimpy to leave the RV park without my pacifier. Oops I mean electric kit. So I pedaled all over the RV park just having fun and getting exercise. I had garbage to haul, so having the bicycle made my work load easier. Harley dog enjoyed the wind in his fur but when he whined for me to go faster, he wondered why we didn't go as fast as he remembered.

Eventually the repaired pieces came back to me literally in bits and pieces. They forgot a few, so it took several packages spread over a few weeks. A bit maddening!

One day recently I spent a hot sweaty afternoon assembling it all together again. Then much to my shock I discovered the cruelties of dyslexia can be far reaching. 

Incredibly I had the kit and bicycle assembled backwards!

So if I wanted to ride in reverse while facing forward, this could be a new way to end one's life quickly. Believe me, I thought about it too.

I must admit, I was hopping mad!  Covered in sweat, oil and bicycle grime, I smelled awful. I thought by now I would be gleefully taking my maiden voyage to the grocery store. 

After a half hour of sitting by the electric wind machine with a tall glass of cold coconut water and Harley in my lap consoling me, I decided to ring the bell and go for round two. 

Another sweaty hour and I was ready to pass right out. 

The bike was ready. More or less. Now I was too tired to go test it out. It was time for the dog to go do his canine business in the bushes, so we went for a walk. 

Shopping for groceries would have to wait. 

The next morning I got doggie fed, exercised and pooped. Then I told him "Stay" something he had not heard in awhile. I locked him in the motorhome. 

I pedaled out of the park then stopped at the exit. I had to get off my bicycle to turn on my bright red rear strobe light. I took a deep breath, said my prayers, smiled at the angels and pulled out onto U.S. highway 301. 

Luckily there is a small shoulder, so I rode down it to the next county road, took a right, pedaled up an incline, survived the double sets of railroad tracks, crossed Main Street which was pretty darn busy, then finally made it to the grocery store. 


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