Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tropical Storm Gert

Tropical Storm Gert is currently due east of me but forecast to leave me alone.

Just the same, I am more or less ready for a hurricane. I have a full tank of gas in the RV, plus a tank of water. My propane could use a top off but for just cooking I have enough for a few more months.

There are canned goodies and extra toilet paper. Nothing worse than going through a disaster (or the aftermath)  without toilet paper!

I have a water purifier I use year round that requires no water pressure or electricity. It will also handle extremely dirty water. This has been put to the test when I camped in a place that had horrible water. It took hours for the purifier to clean that mess but by golly, one drop at a time, I eventually had fabulous tasting water.

I have a safe hidey hole to move to. Actually I have several if I can travel far and wide. All are away from any potential hurricane paths.

I have lots of solar gadgets that provide USB charging and solar light charging. The dog has his food stocked up.

So we are pretty much ready to survive whatever mother nature throws our way. We even have assorted hand saws if we have to clear our own path.

Life is goof.

My long skinny  looks like a hurricane already hit it. I was outside trying to stay cool with the aid of awning, umbrella, electric wind and icy cold water. I do love the outdoors in spite of the heat and humidity  we are experiencing.

Stay safe!

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Life is goof!