Monday, August 14, 2017

Mama Said...

Mama said "You just need to learn how to read. Then you can learn to do anything at all in the whole wide world. There will be a book about that."

And I believed her.

I think she was pretty proud, because even though I danced to a different drummer, I managed to lead what others called an exciting life.

Armed with books, sometimes mail order that I had to patiently wait for weeks or even months to obtain, I studied and learned the things I wanted to know or needed to know.

In the 80's I sold my sticks and bricks home. I thought when I bought it I would be there forever. It was seven magical years in that very special home. When I sold it, there were book cases with thousands of books in every room. Even the bathrooms had books.

Before the idea of selling came into my head, I had dreamily drawn out plans to build a custom bookcase floor to ceiling down my long hallway with adjustable track lighting. I even thought about those bookcase doors found in grand old homes to cleverly conceal doors. Wouldn't it be funny to walk into the hallway, close a door and suddenly be surrounded on all four sides by books.

Today with the internet one can sometimes learn things without even having to go to the library or buy a book.

I learned more than I ever wanted to know about building a bicycle today with an electric kit. I studied a book, read papers, went on the internet. Usually I have dismal internet that won't play videos, but as of a month ago, I have my own little internet now that is actually fast enough for videos. Wow!

My bicycle's electric kit died in May. I was devastated. It was like a baby without a blanket. Yes, I was a thumb sucking baby who couldn't be separated from my Fuffy for the first 5 years of my life.

I was completely insecure. I no longer pedaled far and wide. I stuck close to home. It was hot and humid anyhow. Might as well pass out nearby.

This had clearly shot a hole in my plans. I liked this rural park because it was less than 2 miles from a grocery store. Town is another 2 miles. This all seemed so doable on my bicycle with electric assist. I needn't worry about uphills, or humidity or headwinds or heavy cargo. I could push the magic button and boogie.

Now that my favorite adaptive aid was broken, I was seriously heart broken. Other things were breaking and I was in the midst of negotiating and moving, it was all such a whirlwind of too much to do and not enough time to do it all.

Suddenly  it was time for me to move to my new place. I contacted the manufacturer about my kit and they hoped to get me sorted out in short order. I mailed off bits and pieces. May... June... July... August... finally today on the 14th of August, I am electrified again!

Even the dog was thrilled. He had missed going fast. With the electric kit, I try to pedal as fast as I can zipping through the gears until I am gliding along at a good clip. Then I get tired. But with the electric assist, I can push that magic button to rest a spell, then go back to pedaling yet maintain a pretty good speed.

Pedal awhile, electric some, pedal awhile, electric some. It's fun! The wind blows his fur around wildly, my hair flies behind me and we can literally feel the wind in our smiling faces.


Today I left the RV park, zipped down the highway on the shoulder then turned off onto a country road. Had I made it all the way to Main Street, I could have stopped at the Winn Dixie grocery store. But the trains came and blocked our way.

I decided to make a U-turn and head back. I didn't have a wallet with me anyhow.

Tomorrow I am hoping to pedal my way over to the grocery store and maybe even the post office. Now that I think about it, I should go to the post office first.

Oh and about all that learning... I somehow managed to put the kit together backwards. I was hopping mad too when I realized what I had done. Two hours and it was all done wrong. I had to change the tire too. I had never done that before and it took longer while I learned all about that too.


I sat down in front of a fan drinking coconut water. I would rest, I would calm down, I would pray for a miracle, then I would try to unscramble my mess.

Good grief.

Another sweaty hour and I had my bicycle reassembled for the 2nd time. With the correct parts in the correct places. And it worked!

Mama would be proud.

Happy birthday mom! 
I think of you in heaven imagining you are sitting in a rocking chair reading a book by the light of a halo. 
I miss you. 

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  1. That kit was a long time coming but so happy that you're whizzing thru life once again. :)


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