Thursday, August 31, 2017


I have so many wonderful things to be grateful for.

24 more hours and I can say I survived August!

Last August while traveling to my friends' wedding in Michigan, I had to stop on the side of the road to fix my rig. The heat and humidity was awful.  When I got back in my rig, I was confused and lethargic. I had to stop and fix the rig again. It was a crazy day, that was taking its toll on me.

It's a miracle I made it to the campground. I didn't realize I was suffering from heat stroke.

Somehow I survived, but for weeks, I was just plain weak.

This year I have been drinking pure Coconut Water every day. It has helped me tremendously in dealing with the heat. It's the perfect hydration for the body.

But it's easy to forget.

The problem is it's hard for a person to realize they are suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. It's accompanied by confusion! But left untreated it can affect many critical body organs.

Today I was walking the dog and feeling truly awful. Suddenly an angel appeared in a golf cart. Rather than wave at each other as she drove by, our usual greeting in passing, she stopped and said "Here, hop in, let me give you two a ride home."

Later I tried to walk the dog again. I stopped under a shade tree. Something didn't feel right. Suddenly a golf cart appeared, I was offered a ride and home we went.

I opened the fridge to get cold water. That's when I saw the coconut water.

Guzzling one down, I realized I forgot to drink one yesterday or today.

Afterwards still feeling weak I sat down in the cool  air conditioning and fell asleep.

I woke up confused and it was almost 6pm. I was supposed to be at pot luck at 530pm. I had dropped off my food earlier in a crockpot set on warm, so it would be ready and already there.

As I stepped outside to walk to potluck, I began to think, I should go back inside. It was too hot and the blast of heat that slapped me in the face just seemed like an oven.

Suddenly a golf cart raced up my driveway.

"Are you OK? When you didn't turn up at pot luck, we were worried about you!"

I gratefully accepted a ride to pot luck. The folks were so nice, glad to see I was alive (and hungry!)

Talk about angels!

Today they were everywhere in their little golf carts looking after me.

I am so blessed and super grateful.

Life is goof.


  1. So happy you got your hands on that coconut water. My daughter swears by it. And yes.. Angels are all around us. :) - God bless.

  2. Keep an eye out for Irma. I am sure your friends at RV park are watching. Stay safe.


Life is goof!