Sunday, November 26, 2017

Another Great Day

My boots at the Thanksgiving feast brought on some hilarious comments and questions. I guess everyone knows by now that even at 68F degrees,  I dislike cold feet and will go to extremes to make sure my feet are toasty warm.

Life is short. Why have cold feet?

As a bonus, these boots are waterproof snow boots. I don't expect to be in snow this year, but sometimes walking the dog through dew laden grass can make shoes and boots wet, cold and uncomfortable. During hurricane Irma when I had to walk the dog in my old boots which are really bedroom booties similar to these pictured above, I discovered they could quickly become water logged and freezing cold.

Searching around Amazon for an hour, I found these boots at a bargain price with a free return if they didn't fit.

Saturday my neighbor asked me if I wanted to go to the Hope shop. It's a local charity shop that sells used bargains.  The main reason I went to Hope was to look for a used cheap office chair. However the ones I found were in very sad shape and uncomfortable.  I went for the ride thinking there was nothing else I needed. But oh dear me, they had hats and I am a hat-oholic.

When I lived on my sailboat in the Caribbean I built a special hat rack from teak to hold my collection of hats. I wore a hat from sun up to sundown to give my face some protection. Moving to America it was so hard to leave my hat collection behind but I managed to bring my biggest hat, a purple one that is so big it's like wearing a personal umbrella. I found out with a bit of starch and ironing, it can look nearly new again. My RV came with a travel iron.

At Hope they had a beautiful rolled up brim bowler straw hat that was plum colored. It looked new and unworn. It fit my big head beautifully and well at 50 cents, I decided to give it a forever home. Last summer I was dismayed when a friend gave me a beautiful hat very similar that was just too tight on my skull. I had to regift it even after trying numerous ways to stretch it.

Hat shopping I have always had this problem. Big head! Some hats will stretch others will not.

My other favorite color besides purple is red. Low and behold there was a gorgeous casual red very warm corduroy jackets that fit me perfectly for $1.50 I don't know who buys a new jacket then donates it, but I couldn't resist the bargain. Red bicycle, red jacket. Is there a theme here?

There were plenty of stuffed toys that Harley dog would have loved to have but he has a playpen full of toys. The playpen being my bed. When I came home Thanksgiving after dinner, he had filled my bed with all his stuffed toys as if he had his own party in progress. However, he fights me for my afghan when I am napping. I found a cute baby blanket handmade afghan. It was so stunningly beautiful and appeared unused. So I bought the little fellow his own afghan blankie. 

I feel so spoiled.

I told my friend don't ever bring me here again!  Ha ha ha. There must be some well off folks in the area if they can afford to donate new items some of which found their way home with me.

Today is birthday cake day. We meet in the rec hall to share birthday cake and sing to those that had birthdays in November.

Life is goof.

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