Friday, November 17, 2017

Bitten In My Own Bed by a Monster

Harley was sound asleep in his little corner of our bed. The only safe place where he won't get accidentally kicked by my thrashing about. I was laying down watching the idiot box which was set to turn itself off soon. Just a quiet night in my tiny wheel estate.

I wiggled around to get more comfy. That's when SOMETHING with big sharp teeth bit me under the covers.

I screamed and flew out of the bed. I was wide awake now!

Harley woke up and he too ran out of the bed like he was terrified.

We stood in the hallway staring back at the bed. WHAT was in our bed?

When my heart slowed down and I regained normal breathing, I decided the best course of action was to snatch the comforter off the bed and see WHAT was in it.

I figured worse case scenario I could call the fire department to dispatch some of those burly guys to deal with the monster.

So I timidly stepped forward grabbing the comforter with two hands, then I yanked it off the bed. 

That's when I found the offending creature.

The one that snapped open it's jaws and bit me!


Yepper. Hiding under the covers for some strange reason was my hair grabber.  When I rolled over and wiggled around I must have unintentionally squeezed open the jaws, which then clamped down on my backside giving me a mighty bite!

I am just so glad it wasn't a monster.

Another disaster averted!

Life is goof.

Gobble and Wobble!
No kidding!

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Life is goof!