Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Snow or Stuffing

Poor Bo Bo.

Harley  likes to exercise his toys. He is fond of stuffed toys and rubbery toys that bounce funny or squeak or both. Notice all the toys he dragged outside to entertain himself. He would play with one for awhile, then go back to the toy box to select a new one to bring out.

I wonder if he was yanked from his mother too soon. Sometimes when he is through playing with his toys, he will cuddle up to a stuffed one and nurse it. He will typically choose a tail or ear to nurse on the toy. He will often go to sleep afterwards.  Sometimes repeated nursing of a stuffed appendage results in fabric wear. Suddenly the toy is exploding in stuffing with help from an enthusiastic doggy.

Usually I try to engage him in something different. I don't fuss at him because we have a solid deal.

He agrees to never ever mess up my stuff, or chew on the upholstery or pillows in our teeny tiny home. I agree *ahem* to keep his toy box stocked with interesting stuff. I don't fuss at him when he unstuffs one, but I do try to focus him on something different.

Well here is a funny video.

I went inside to use the restroom, I came back out to snow!

Harley had already settled down for a nap with another toy, but I guess he heard me looking for him when I picked up the camera to make this snow video.

YouTube link if you can't see the movie insert above.

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