Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Red Polka Dots

Sorry I haven't been here lately.

I was pretty weak but steadily improving. My neighbors have needed a lot of help too, so I am stretched all over the place.

The winter folks are moving in so my neighborhood has become a bit busier as I meet the various owners and renters.  Many are adventurous souls with traveling in their blood, that's how they ended up here, so we do seem to have a few basic yet oddball things in common.

My new table cloth is polka dots. What fun! I have all three of my outdoor tables covered in this oil cloth now. Already a bird pooped all over it. Sheesh. But it wiped up good as new again.

Harley is settling into his new fenced yard.

My neighbor was looking pretty weak and I learned he had come home from an unfortunate hospital stay. I took him a bowl of homemade split pea soup. We visited while he ate then I came home. I was outside with the RV door open as well as the shed door open. I was just puttering around organziing my shed which has become my walkin closet.

When I moved here I bought Harley several dog pens that are 30 inches tall by 16 feet long. .I connected several together to encompass the patio area, the entry to the RV and the entrance to the shed.  This gives him a big play area that covers pavement and dirt. No more tether for him, he has freedom to mess about outdoors without getting loose.

A few minutes later I heard my dog barking on the other side of the RV park!

It was dark thirty. I frantically looked around the patio and yard area inside our dog pen fencing. Then I saw one of the gates was open and doggy was gone.

I called him and yelled "COME!" which means you better get here quick if you know what's good for you.

Amazingly he did come home rather sheepish. I snatched him up and firmly locked the gate. I was mad at him and mad at myself.

A few minutes later here came a huge fire truck followed by an ambulance and they both slammed on brakes in front of my driveway.

I seriously panicked! Did my soup cause a problem for my neighbor?

But it was a different neighbor having a problem that required a trip to the hospital. The fire truck just happened to park at my driveway.

All is well but life is goof.


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