Saturday, November 18, 2017

Zero Tolerance

I am trying to be on a zero tolerance spending budget.
Yeah we can get a big laugh out of that one!  OK, I had to cave in recently and stock up on toilet paper. Some things are urgent.
Hurricane Irma turned out to be kind of pricey for me gobbling up funds set aside for future living. But what the heck, we survived! So it's all good. I guess.
December is when all the annual things come due, RV taxes, RV insurance and annual park dues on the rig and lot. Christmas turns out to be rather skimpy each year.
But... they (the park people)  were having a semi annual rummage sale here. Friday it was open to residents only, Saturday at 7am, it opens to the public.
I went to help my friend set up her stuff because she sprained her ankle. She had a gorgeous tiled outdoor wrought iron end table that she was parting with but she was attached to it. When I said WOW that would look perfect with my dumper diving green swivel rocking padded arm chairs, she gave me a huge bargain because then she could "visit" her beloved table and it would have a good home on my patio. 
She also had these two tall planters with live plants about 4 feet tall, and um well they were only $5 each and a lady with a golf cart offered to deliver them for free since they wouldn't fit on my bicycle. So um, out comes the wallet again.
I went for a look see around the shopping area, because I didn't enter this year. I wasn't sure if my type of junk would sell. Maybe I will try my luck in spring. They had lunch for $3 and my tummy reminded me it was hungry. Funds go to support the rec hall. Buying lunch goes for a good cause. Then they had big homemade cookies 4 for a $1 and well my oven is broken and they sure looked tasty...
Strolling around there was this new cute red hand made crochet hat with purple fluff. I tried it on and everyone said "Oh that is YOU" and well my head gets cold riding my bicycle and the hat is goofy looking like me. Then I found a stuffed duck that quacks for Harley and well it was only 25 cents... Poor little fellow was stuck home alone and the duck was as big as him and he loves big stuffed qwacking toys... so out comes the change purse.
Next I found the park was selling these jumbo storage containers, clear with lids and I happened to have my tape measure with me. Well two of those would fit on the floor under my shelves in the shed and the contents inside would be visible yet dry and dust-free. They were huge! They only wanted $2 and these are $35 new, and well, such a bargain, nothing wrong with them at all and I could use them, so um... out comes the wallet again.
I had to drag those home huffing and puffing cause they were BIG. Then go back and fetch my bicycle which meant I had to walk past more stuff for sale. 
There was a cute shopping bag made of woven straw for a quarter to hold my crochet hat, the cookies, the qwacking duck, a bread basket (ten cents!) and a gorgeous bauble pin with exotic crystals I found that would look exquisite on my plain jane white straw hat (another 25 cents).
Another guy had heavy duty electric cords. One was a slinky type cord that would be perfect for charging up my electric bicycle. I could run it to where I have a little homemade bike garage I made from dumpster diving a tent canopy. It would look so neat on the wall and reach my charger perfectly. So out comes the wallet for that.  

Someone had peppermint tea, a big $5 box for just $1. Gee wiz, I like peppermint tea...
Amazing how much money I accidentally spent when all I planned to do was go help out my friend with the sprained ankle. Which I did loan her all my ankle braces and my 4 legged cane. Hmm... maybe I should have sold that to her to recoup some of my costs. 

As I type this one enthusiastic pup is qwacking up a storm with his new duck and begging me to share my cookie. (I did!)

Life is goof...

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  1. Those rummage sale .10 to $1. items can sure add up haha but hey sounds like you did pretty good. Since I want to sell my house I stay away from them and have given so much stuff away but it doesn't look like I have made a dent

  2. Great bargains you got.... wanted to let you know I have moved to Crystal River in a 55 plus community in a park model/ manufactured home... I can't remember where you told me you were but if you PM me on messenger Facebook or email me I will come and visit you...


Life is goof!