Saturday, May 25, 2019

Calvin's Flowers

A thing of beauty.

Every day try to find something beautiful to smile about and marvel in the daily miracle.

No idea what this plant is called but the blooms are gorgeous. I've nurtured this on a shoestring budget from dead to alive and blooming.

Oh sure it's had ups and downs from coming alive to nearly dying again to a few blooms last year to abundant blooms coming in this year. 

It gives me great hope for a better future.

Maybe I can patch up and nurture some of the crazy chaos in my life, to a less stressful happier scene.

But that takes WORK.

It would be so much easier to whine about it than to fix it.

It's hard to work at making a difference but it can be done however small, it might even turn into something large.

I have to get up from the puter and go endeavor to make my difference!

I tried looking up red flower succulent at Amazon and discovered all sorts of beautiful plants delivered to your door.  Then I tried red flower cactus and found loads of decorating ideas, but still no concrete answer to what plant this is. 

Then I decided it didn't really matter. 
I just think of my deceased friend when I see this plant. He died and the plants he had died. I had never seen this in bloom at his place either. When his relatives left they let me have his dying plants so I could presumably reuse the pots, but I nurtured them for grins and well, now it's that red flowering plant I call Calvin's flowers.

Finding hope and encouragement is a good thing. 

Life is goof. 


  1. Hello Miss Mermaid, sorry if I’m posting twice, the first time I couldn’t see my comment show up. ��
    That is an Easter cactus. My dear departed Nana used to grow them, and only those with the right touch, like her and you, can make them flower.

  2. I was going to say crown of thorns but Easter cactus could be right I had one for years and it flowered like crazy. I kept my in the house. The all of a sudden it just died, maybe it lived out its life.

  3. I just read about the care of one. I am so shocked that mine has lived outdoors all this time through wild weather and yet this year it is blooming like crazy. Thank you for reading and commenting!


Life is goof!