Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I was lost in thoughts... in unfamiliar territory.

Never give up.

These plants give me hope every day.

A little water, a little food and loads of love.

I can survive, grow and blossom!


My friend had done a ton of work helping me after my hospitalization. Around his birthday I was fishing for ideas while we chatted outside on my patio.

He said "I don't *curse* need *curse* a thing. I have *curse* everything and *curse* just want to *curse* forget my birthday *curse* this year.

Every time he cursed he was swatting at a pesky mosquito.

So I bought him the Black Flag Bug Zapper.
The day he opened it,  a mosquito magically appeared. This thing made a huge satisfying crack while the mosquito was pulverized. He was hooked and dispatched about 10 more mosquitoes then went hiking in search of more.

He was like a child with a new toy... at age 72!

I've since had a few phone calls about how much he loves sapping mosquitoes.

Life is goof.


  1. I have had mine for years they are great! And yes lots of fun

  2. Very satisfying to hear and see them sizzle!!


Life is goof!