Thursday, July 18, 2019

More Bull

The young male had been staring at me for quite awhile. I was working outside. Every few minutes I checked on "that feeling" that someone is watching me. 

It was the bull. 

Still standing there.
Still watching me.

 I wandered over closer to see what his fascination with watching me was all about. Luckily we have a fence between my lot and his field.

That's when I noticed he had his tail stuck in a tree.
The ground beneath him was trampled.
How long had he been tangled up there? 

Just last year or year before I watched this baby bull being born. Did he remember me? Was he staring at me for help or just out of boredom? 

As I came closer, he moved around as if to show me, I've tried this way and that way and I am still STUCK.

But looking at his weight and mine and the fence that separated us already, I decided it was time to notify the farmer.

This is your neighbor.
Your bull is stuck in a tree.

But I didn't have their phone number. 

About that time someone came over to visit me that lives in the RV park. I asked him if he knew the farmer's phone number and he did not. But he volunteered to go give them the news. 

He took a picture with his phone then walked over to their house. 

A lady came to the door. 

Your bull is stuck in a tree.  

She looked at my friend with confusion across her face, then stepped back, as if the crazy parade was coming by a wee bit too close for comfort.
He's been there awhile and seems to need help.
But we don't know how to help him. 
Just thought you might want to know. 

Here I took a picture to show you.  

The lady was relieved that this wasn't some weird joke after all. She looked at the picture on the phone then laughed and said she would call her son to come deal with it. 

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And that's no bull.

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