Friday, April 27, 2012

Hunting Island Scenes Part Eight

Hunting Island Beach in South Carolina, photo by Dear Miss Mermaid
We blew into Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina along with the storm last Sunday. This seems to happen every time I come here. Last October the storm was so ferocious, that a tree branch took a stab at my roof, entering my kitchen ceiling (The Stabbing). It's is all patched up for now. 

Hunting Island Beach in South Carolina with photo by
The next day, skies were clear and the beach was absolutely gorgeous. With 5 miles of beach, it's easy for the campers to find their own piece of sand without the place being crowded at all. South Carolina state parks and beaches are dog friendly, so dog lovers flock to this campground with their canine companions.  

Seashell at Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina, photo by Dear Miss Mermaid
Low tide reveals seashells scattered everywhere. 

Palmetto at Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina, photo by
This palmetto has a massive root system above and below and the sand.  Sometimes high tide splashes up against the trees. 

Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina with photo by Dear Miss Mermaid
Mother nature has a sense of humor. A live tree, uses a dead tree to prop upon. You can see how the front of the campground backs up to the sand dunes.  The fence is designed to let the sand dunes pile up, while discouraging pedestrian traffic. There are marked paths to the beach, so that the rest of the sand dunes can accumulate to protect the beach from erosion. Turtles need those sand dunes to lay their eggs. They really dig this beach. 

Driftwood at Hunting Island State Park beach in South Carolina with photo by
Driftwood sculpture fascinates me. What a beautiful world. 

Travel with Harley, Hunting Island State Park, photo by
I have to run now. I have a tennis date with Harley, who is patiently waiting in my favorite chair (he is a well known seat thief)  with his slightly dirty tennis ball. Ironically, when we pulled into our campsite, this  tennis ball was waiting for us (it was nice and clean at that time). 

Harley thinks campsites come with gifts. At McIntosh Lake RV Park (Townsend, Georgia) our neighbors gave him a huge sack of colorful dog treats.  Then at Savannas Recreation Area in Fort Pierce, Florida, two golf balls landed on our lot (one while we were outside playing) from the nearby golf course. I guess since it was out of bounds, the golfers would have had to leave the golf course, crossing the alligator moat to come retrieve it.  No one came asking for their balls. 

At Long Point Park (Melbourne Beach, Florida) the staff gives Harley an enthusiastic greeting.  They feed him dog treats they keep in an  office drawer in a tin shaped like a dog bone. 

Small wonder he arrives at each campground with unbridled enthusiasm. 

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