Monday, January 20, 2014


Nothing like starting the day by accidentally messing up the computer. Well, I have fixed the basics for now. The rest can wait because the sun is out, the weather is threatening to move back to our balmy 70's and I have plenty of outside chores to attempt.


Some days I am just a complete klutz. I was drinking a glass of 100% Cherry Juice at bedtime to help me sleep. Somehow  I knocked the tumbler over about two thirds full despite all my precautions to prevent such accidents. I didn't even notice because I was busy dozing off. (That cherry juice sleeper really works!) 

My vertical books that were in their little bookshelf on the same end table used their pages to soak it all up. Bright red cherry juice all over the bottom half of my repair manual, nutritional book, dictionary, quote book, phone book and a funny Christmas card that plays chimpanzee music. 

When I found that nightmare the next morning, it took another 2 days to dry the books out, bright pink pages and all. That made the books fan out and look even worse. Now I have to find heavy stuff to flatten them back out again. Who would have thought cleaning up a small cherry juice spill could take all week?

This is currently my favorite book; RV Repair and Maintenance Manual by Bob Livingston. Now the pages are colored with cherry juice that has faded to a purplish color. Sadly it's out of print but new and used copies are still available. Because the book came out in 1998 and my rolling home is a 1994, I figured it would be a good one. It has tons of useful information in it that directly applies to my motorhome systems. 

Now if I could quit being a klutz, I could repair a few things faster than they break. 

Dream on!

How did I put a hurricane ravaged sailboat back together nearly new but I have such butter fingers around this old motorhome?

Must be age. I was in my 30's when I rebuilt the sailboat. Now I'm in my 50's.  Time flies when you're having rum  fun!


  1. Oh how I can relate to what you did! I would have spilled the cherry juice on my computer though, wreaking even more havoc. I never heard of cherry juice making you sleepy, but you can bet I'm going to get some. In the summer when fresh local cherries are available I eat them like crazy, but have never tried the juice.

  2. Cherries have tons of health benefits.


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