Friday, January 24, 2014

Cold Canine

The many faces of Harley Dawg...

Harley was thrilled to see his basket of sweaters appear with the recent cool weather. He picked out his casual blue one to play outside on the patio mat with his Christmas toy. Lucky dog!

Below, he sports his beautiful red sweater he got for his birthday but it was too warm to wear it until now. I was going to pirate his neck scarf to wear in my long hair around my pony tail, but it looked so stylish on him, I resisted the urge. He tips the scales at 6 pounds. The angle of this photo makes him look huge.

Below he is on guard in his gray cardigan. No matter how I brush and groom him he looks a bit wild. I just hate to trim his fur, I worked so hard for the poor little fellow to grow some. He is a happy dog, just that he doesn't drop open his mouth for goofy grin until he is warmed up from racing around the dog park or playing ball.

Sunset view from my current camp makes me super happy I survived yet another day and lived to tell about it.


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