Friday, January 17, 2014

Six Mile

Friday is here already. We had another cold snap. It plunged to freezing temps last night. On the east coast of Florida. Sheesh.

I came here to escape the cold, not visit it.

Finally I met another southerner who came to Florida to flee the brutal winters of South Carolina. This is a running joke between me and the Army Corps who I workamp for in  the spring and summer in northwestern Georgia or northeastern South Carolina, depending on which park they assign me.

The first season I workamped, they asked me to stay year round. I said "Are you kidding? I am going to Florida, I can't take the brutal winters here!"  They were laughing at me because it rarely ever snows and the temperatures in that area can sometimes be a bit balmy in the winter. Some hearty RV snowbirds even spend their winters in that area.

Having spent much of my adult life living in and around the Caribbean tropical weather, I think my blood permanently thinned out. When temperatures plunge below 70F degrees, my teeth start chattering, I pile on the clothes and very often a light to heavy coat or jacket.

Two days ago in Melbourne, Florida it was summery weather in the 70's.  Our doggies were meeting and greeting. The guy told me he was from a small town in South Carolina no one had heard of. I told him I was born in South Carolina, I bet I knew where his town was. He thought not. Finally he admitted he was from Six Mile.

I said "Oh I've been there, it's in Pickens County somewhere around Clemson and Liberty. It used to be Cherokee land, they named it that due to six rivers or six miles from a major river, I forget which."

He gave me an astonished stare. "Yep, that's Six Mile."

Funny how my quirky brain works. I can't remember it's January 2014 (having told the bank last week it was still October 2013) but I remember where Six Mile is and how it was possibly named.

Home is where we park it... but my dog and I belong in the circus...


  1. I notice I have a much clearer memory of things from long ago than I do from things that happened an hour ago. Join the club!

  2. What happened to your Amazon link? I came here to order and it says "Thank you for shopping at Amazon with this link (It helps support this author). That is all in the rectangle, no Amazon button to click on. I'll check back later.

    Last week it was down to zero here, a few days later in the 40's it felt like a heat wave.
    I don't tolerate the cold very well either.

    Janet in Ky.


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