Friday, January 10, 2014

Time Traveling

Maybe I'm crazy but I'm not sure it's safe to be sane either...

Funny how I was stuck in bed for what seemed like forever so super sick, yet now I am up running around, staying up until the late hours of the night trying to catch up on everything. 

Life is goof.

I put the music back in my life. Now I am disco dancing in the aisle of my motorhome at midnight while alternately dusting, cleaning, organizing.

I discovered it's January 10 or 11, 2014!  Holy cow. What happened to the holidaze?


Wonderful sweet loving generous angels have been watching over this fool.  What did I do to deserve such glorious blessings and sheer good luck? Surely I am not worthy of this abundance but just the same it seems I owe loads of thanks, thanks, thanks for all these big and small miracles that seemingly land in my lap when I least expect it and most need it.

The way I see it, any day I wake up alive, I just know it's going to be a grand adventure. Each and every day is oh so special.

I drove the motorhome recently to go run errands. On one of my stops the bank machine refused to give me any cash. It didn't matter what number I chose, the machine steadfastly refused to spit out a single dollar. Not one. Not five. Not ten. Not twenty. Not fifty. Nothing.

Has my math gone haywire?

I was suddenly exhausted, so I abandoned the rest of the errands to head back home to the campground. 

Well almost. 

As we enter the park where I am camped we have to go by the fenced-in-off-leash dog park. A certain little canine critter that rides around with me was pleading with all his might to make a stop on his behalf.

Harley is sort of popular at the dog park. He is also known for arriving there in creative ways. He has arrived on foot and paw, he has arrived on bicycle, he has arrived in my friend's car and he has arrived by motorhome. Maybe I will just fly him over on a kite next time...

After the dog park, we drove to the campground. I entertained the neighbors because while backing up my motorhome to park it,  I kept ending up in the wrong place. So I jumped in and out of my seat to check my bearings (and to make sure none of the trees had moved.) Then I would hop back in to wiggle around the motorhome some more here and there, back and forth. Finally *phew* I ended up parked just where I wanted to be which was level  and lined up with my patio mat. (I have it  staked down with tent pegs, so the gusty winds don't carry it away.) 

Once settled, I called up the bank to ask them what the problem was. The bank rep said my card expired. I looked at my card exclaiming "But it's good until November 2013 and it's still a few weeks before November."

There was a pregnant pause on the other end of the phone. Eventually the bank rep said "Um... ma'am... it's January 2014. We mailed you a new card. You should use that one.

Oh. Hmmm... Did he just say it's January 2014

For some inane reason I responded "Oh, I travel through time..." 

Suddenly realizing my latest gaffe, I just disconnected the call in sheer embarrassment. 


Travels through time?

Oh my gosh. Not what I meant to say at all.

One can only imagine that somewhere in an obscure cubicle in a bank call center, a harried rep is probably laughing hysterically about the fruitcake who called up claiming to time travel...

Driftwood imitating my calendar...

Occasionally when I least expect it, my current brain calendar will hiccup at the darnedest time. 

Must be all that time traveling...


Life is goof...


  1. My neighbors will probably come knocking on my door any minute now! You had me laughing so long and so loud, I'm sure they heard me. I could soooo relate, only I usually do know what month it is, just not if it is the first, middle or last. Forget knowing what day it is, have to look at computer 3 times a day if it happens to be important enough to know, otherwise I don't worry about it. Thank you for the laugh, I really needed that, and glad you are feeling better!!!

    Janet in Ky.


Life is goof!