Friday, January 03, 2014

That Florida Man

That Florida Man has been busy again. He's all over the news this week with some of his wilder antics. I can't make up stuff this crazy! I've included links to the news stories.

Florida man had foot severed by a boat propeller. An unidentified foot washed up on the beach a few days later, but it wasn't a DNA match to his. (What are the odds???)

Florida man accused in banana assault. When police arrived, Smolinsky's live-in girlfriend told them he threw a banana at her. Smolinsky denied the accusation and told deputies she threw the banana at him. The arresting deputy noticed the victim's face was slightly red where she said she was hit by the banana. That deputy also observed the banana in the garbage and parts of the peel were on the ground near the couch where she was sitting. (Just how hard was that banana???)

A Florida man who got to meet the cast of "Breaking Bad" after winning an online contest was arrested on drug charges when police found more than $1 million worth of synthetic marijuana at his home on New Year's Eve. (Is this what you call a Bad Break???)

Double murder charges dropped against Florida man under 'Stand Your Ground' law. Gabriel Mobley received immunity from the charges after appeals court judges found 2-1 that he was justified in the 2008 killings because he was scared for his life and was defending himself. (Swift justice handed down in under 5 years time)

Florida man goes shopping at Wal-Mart while his wife gives birth in parking lot. (His 3 daughters watched it all too.)

During the search of Florida Man’s green Honda van on Saturday, deputies discovered 36 guns and 4,629 rounds of ammunition. (He was going to sell it at the flea market???)

Florida man, dresses as woman and robs cabbie at knife point. (Women getting a bad rep.)

Florida man said he didn't have fireworks to ring in the new year so he thought he'd wave around his newly purchased laser light. He was subsequently arrested for repeatedly shining his laser at the sheriff's helicopter. (What a way to celebrate!)

Florida man arrested for assaulting wife with turkey neck. (She had a neck like a turkey???)

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