Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Look and See

No I am not imagining things. They are really there.

Someone recently told me I had a big imagination when I was rattling on about the various creatures (ducks, raccoons, turtles, cranes etc.)  I see living in the park (besides the humans and their pets.) I guess since they have never seen these critters, they suggested I was making it all up.

I guess you could say I was a tad offended.

I am not imagining things. But sometimes by the time I get the camera ready to shoot, the critter is long gone. Other times I capture them from afar. Later I can blow up the picture to spot the animal.

There is so much to see in this big beautiful world when you get outside and walk, seeing planet earth the old fashioned way.

On foot.

I snapped this picture on our walk to the dog park. The fence at the top of the berm leads down to the amphitheater on the other side. See that dark round thing in the middle of the picture?

Here is the close-up. There is a mammoth turtle munching grass.
Here is another one.

Despite the pain, I was suffering from cabin fever also known as being indoors TOO MUCH. But I've had little choice while I gobble pills (YUCK!) rest and get well again. I seem to doze right off, cat napping. I hope all this rest makes me well in a hurry. I went to the urgent care place recently where I was treated like a car part on an assembly line. Ugh.

Yeah, I am just rambling on and on today...

Just the same I dragged myself outside yesterday with doggy on a leash. We made it all the way to the dog park finally. For several days I was in way too much pain to walk very far. But yesterday we walked, rested, walked rested and eventually we arrived at the park. Along the way I saw the big turtle munching grass, a raccoon raiding the neighbor's garbage, a couple of sandhill cranes, a huge flock of blackbirds and some ducks out for a swim.

Harley was so thrilled to finally reach the dog park that he kept racing up to leap into my lap and slather me with doggy kisses while I laughed and tried to dodge them.

Then he would rush off again to run play. Anyone else that sat down, was also treated to his sudden visits. I am teaching him "OFF!".  Not everyone wants a happy little dog leaping into their lap. But Harley is a super social dog and just wants to be friends with one and all. Most don't mind, since they are at the dog park with their dog, but some do. So Harley is learning "OFF!"

The word "DOWN" doesn't work because he thinks that means lay down and get a treat. Sheesh... He is responding to "OFF!" (but he would rather not.)

He does bring joy and laughter. Many folks say he is the friendliest little dog. (Sometimes a bit too friendly!)

Once he has greeted all the humans, he makes a point of starting a race with the other dogs. He wears them out until he is the last dog racing. What a fruit loop.

I am not sure he understands the concept of the dog park. We have several friends we get to visit throughout the year that have fenced in yards where he can run and play untethered. So in his tiny brain, I think he thinks we are at someone's home where he gets to visit, play and run wild. Lucky dog!

Now back to seeing things...

Out my front door, it looks like a campground. But there is a dark lump to the right of the neighbor's gazebo.

When I blow up the picture, you can see below that it's the local raccoon, returning from shopping at the neighbor's place.

I am getting better at catching these "imaginary" critters on film that "someone" thinks I am dreaming up...

But they whiz by in their car, while I plod along on foot "seeing things".

Pardon me for sounding so grumpy. I guess they will never ever believe I saw an angel... another story for another day.

Speaking of angels... I was talking with a delightful lady who said she had eye surgery and now sees floaters in her eye. I was a bit perplexed, so she explained about her floaters. I said "Hmm, I didn't know they were called floaters. I saw some of those for awhile and thought they were spirits wandering past."

She found this hilarious, laughing at me for what seemed like a long time then confessed "You know, you might be right."

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