Friday, January 31, 2014

Harley Dawg Writes

Harly Dawg was not amused with the recent cold rains we had while much of the deep south was treated to snow in unlikely places. Harley has never seen snow.

As a rainy day project he has captioned these photos for your enjoyment.
 I have long  fur in back of my head since I started eating Newmans Organic dog food.

Even with the door wide open, I am not going out in the rain. I can sit here cross legged all day. I don't need to go out in that wet stuff. Checking Pea-Mail at The Post can wait.

Day Two.
The longer it rains the more I turn into a Wolfman. It's still raining! I might as well pose for my portrait.

Red is my favorite color cause it makes me pawsitively cute. I found this ball at the beach five campgrounds ago. I played all day at the beach with it, then I carried it home in my mouth. I dropped it, sand and all on the bed. My pet parent gave me a dirty look when I did that, then made a big showing of vacuuming the bed with that dangerous thing that is loud, angry  and hungry. It sucked up all the sand, dirt, crumbs and a dog treat I hid in the bed. Next she gave my beach ball a bath. Humans do strange stuff with my stuff.

I can't sit cross legged anymore, I have to seriously go out. When my pet parent tried to velcro the belly strap on my raincoat, I let out a fart that made her laugh long and hard.  I've had this raincoat since I was a puppy and it didn't grow with me. Maybe the rain shrunk it.

I have this huge bed in back by the windows 7 pillows and an afghan. I let my human sleep with me since the bed is huge. Maybe she thought I was going to grow into a great big doggy. Maybe she measured wrong. Humans do strange things. 

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  1. I live in coastal Mississippi and we had ice and sleet covering everything for 2 days down here.That's just not supposed to happen.Poor Harley was ready to go but couldn't!



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