Thursday, January 23, 2014

Motorhome Wrecking

Its easier to preach than practice.

So I am all flubbed up butter fingers trying to repair, maintain, upgrade, terrorize, customize, destroy, improve, decorate my motorhome, caravan, wheel estate, RV, rolling dog house.

Circle whichever words suit you in the above sentence, strike out the rest, and it all begins to make sense or no sense at all. Again, take your pick.

Instead of home is where we park it, should read home is where we wreck it. No I haven't been in a moving accident or wreck, just that I am feeling deflated, defeated, debased, depressed, deh-crazy.

I could star in a reality or comedy or documentary TV show called "How Not To".

While I am ranting and raving, I am sick of computer snoops.

Google chrome is a nightmare. Because I am in Melbourne, Florida, google has snooped around my life, somehow deciding I am in Melbourne, Australia. So when I try to search on something, it comes up with search results from Australia and New Zealand. By the way Australia to New Zealand is 2250 km or 1400 miles apart, per a google search. I have no idea how to convince google to give me USA search results. But it you need to contact RV repair shops  in either Australia or New Zealand, I can surely help you out.

When I was living in the British Virgin Islands, google would give me search results from the United Kingdom, a mere 4,052 miles away.

All in all, I am pissed... but in American lingo that means angry, annoyed or upset. In Australia pissed is to be drunk. Ditto for Britain.

Maybe I need a drink. Instructions are so much clearer then.

Tomorrow I plan to be spontaneous...

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  1. I had a friend in Ireland whose favorite expression was "as pissed as a parrot". Loved it. I don't use Google anymore. I made the default a site called "". The thing I like about it is that you enter your search criteria, it finds them for you, and when you are all finished DDG does NOT keep any record of your search. Really nice if you want to research a subject you don't want anyone to know about. It didn't take me long at all to prefer it over Google, although I still look at Google news headlines because I haven't found an alternative.


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