Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tracking Sharks and Mermaids

Shark Tracking

Besides the snowbirds that flock to Florida for the winter, we also have the sharks that come down. This 2300 pound shark was tagged in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and bestowed the name Katherine.

She seemed to party hard in Daytona, wandering around aimlessly hungover (similar to many of her human counterparts) before continuing on her southerly track.

shark tracking

The red X is just to show you Melbourne, where Harley Dog and I are  on the Space Coast. You can see her  journey from Cape Cod to here on the shark tracker. 

Cape Codder Tracker

When I bought my hurricane ravaged sailboat in 1991, in the Virgin Islands,  she was named "Cape Codder". They say it's bad luck to rename a ship, but I renamed her "Sea Rose" to give her good luck.

I guess it worked, because over the next few years I rebuilt her to like-new condition in between working on larger yachts as professional crew.

When working (for pay) on boats afloat, I was up with the sunrise beginning my work day to cater to the whims of our passengers. By 10 or 11pm, I was dead tired exhausted from working my 15-16 or 17 hour shift. I kept up that kind of pace 7-14 days in a row, the typical charter. Often I did back to back assignments that kept me working for weeks and months without a single day off work.

Then finally there would be a gap in charters. I could go "home" to my own little old sailboat which was kept at anchor. My neighbors living on their boats afloat in the harbor often watched over my boat while I was gone working.

The funny thing is, once my boat became mobile, I usually took off sailing the very next day after coming off a crew job. Talk about a busman's holiday! I would motor or sail to my favorite spots, then recommence work on rebuilding my boat.

Oh I surely wish I had that boundless energy now.

Dear Miss Mermaid Tracker

This is me trying to find Florida.

I left Point A (Lake Hartwell) September 23, 2013, arriving at  (Q) Blythe Island, Georgia November 7th.

All the letters are where I camped one or more nights.

My track looks more like a drunken sailor at sea.

Amazon Tracker

Using this Amazon link for your shopping helps keep this author writing, rambling, recuperating, roaming... 

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