Saturday, April 05, 2014

An Angel at Dawn

I woke up at dark thirty. Silently I dressed while sipping coffee. Talking sweetly to my doggy, I tried to wake him. He was curled up in the corner of my bed under a feather pillow he likes to snuggle under as his own little comforter. He opened his eyes at half mast, rolling over to show me his belly. I rubbed his tummy while he let out a great big yawn closing his eyes again. Gently I picked him up to put on his little blue harness vest. He opened his eyes to tiny slits. Clearly he is not a morning creature, preferring to sleep in late long after I have arisen. But today, I wanted to see the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean at low tide. Poor little pooch would just have to humor me. 

Once we were ready to leave, I had to carry a very sleepy puppy part of the way. When he realized we were headed for the beach, he suddenly woke up, ready to walk on his own. By the time we hit the sand he was downright enthusiastic. 

We went to see the sun rise.
But we saw an angel with glowing halo.
We stopped and stared.
Mesmerized by what we saw.

Life is astonishing.


  1. We need a like button for your posts :).

  2. Amazing isn't it. great picture

  3. A like button... hmm... there is a Facebook share, but I will have to look into how to add a like button. :)


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