Saturday, April 19, 2014

Colleton State Park in South Carolina

Colleton State Park is 30 miles from my favorite RV repairman in Summerville. If you ever need top quality work on your RV, call LowCountry RV Service. They are mobile repairmen or you can go to their shop.

 Azaelas were in full bloom at Colleton. I have stayed at this state park many times. I love to hike through the cypress swamp and gaze at the Edisto River, a popular canoe and kayak destination. The Rangers at the park are super nice and very accommodating. A volunteer workamper also lives in the campground. The park is very well maintained with relaxed vibes.

 Not only is it a wayside park, but it's on Wayside Lane. They offer up free fishing equipment and assorted games and toys you can borrow for your leisure.
 This is how we roll, down country roads. It's like eye candy. I find it far more civil than racing down the interstates. Early in my travels, a cut a piece of heavy rubber shelf liner to use on the ample dash. This keeps my maps and snacks from sliding around. I can reach the jumbo atlas while still in my driver's seat.
 Here's my little navigator taking a much needed rest. (And you wonder how I get lost so often!) He rides on a pile of pillows in his bed which is anchored down by the seatbelt. The pillows beneath him, make it easier for him to sit up and watch out the window, something he often enjoys. For safety, I have him in his harness, with a leash which is also attached to the safety belt. Hopefully we will never be in a wreck, but if we are, I hope this arrangement will spare him.
 I love seeing more and more murals pop up in quaint little towns where older buildings are being reclaimed for modern business use.

I like to take a picture of everywhere my camper spends one or more nights. Here I am nestled in the trees at Colleton State Park.
 Pink and white azaleas were in bloom offering stunning contrast to the olive green and pine needle brown of the park. I am delighted so many trees survived. The horrific ice storm in South Carolina in February 12-13 of 2014 made such a mess of the trees and roads, that the park had to be closed for 5 weeks while staff and volunteers worked to reopen the park.
 Harley knows every trail and loves to visit them all on each visit. Here he is headed down the boardwalk to the Edisto River banks.
 The rangers keep thier office tidy with a small souvenir shop inside and red rocking chairs outside. When I went to pay an additional night, the office was closed. I settled into a rocking chair, closing my eyes, and just listening to the birds tweeting and warbling. I was about to rock myself to sleep when the ranger appeared.


  1. Happy Easter Dear Miss Mermaid. Back home in Georgia. Maybe this will be the year we meet. Just back from bluegrass festival. Leave for another in 2 weeks !! Woo hoo !! Stay well.


  2. Let me know if you are coming anywhere near Lake hartwell.


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