Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Birthday From The Dog

Hi. My name is Harley Dog. Today is my pet parent's birthday, so I took her out for the day. Since she likes sun, sand, sea and salt, I took her to her favorite spot on planet earth; the beach at Hunting Island State Bark.

After we parked our ride at the beach, I polished up the bicycle wiff my wittle paws. It was ruff work but I wanted to do something special.

Then we went for a walk.

We barked at the crabs.

We made funny faces.

We built a sandcastle.

We dug a hole to China.

We played tennis and Frisbee, but the bicycle blew over, so we used the Frisbee to hold up the kickstand.

We sniffed drift wood.

We had to paws to shake rapidly to get the sand out of our fur and hair.

We sniffed and poked a pink amorphous blob of sea pork.

We studied seashells.

We went wading in the ocean.

We made paw prints in the mud.

I think we had a pawsitively wonderful day celebrating her birthday. Dear Miss Mermaid laughed so much, I think she had a howlarious time too.

***I wrote this doggone post wiff my wittle paws. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Miss Mermaid! Happy the dog made you laugh so much, he is quite hilarious and oh, so cute!


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