Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Google Voodoo

My internet has gone crazy. Normally I use google chrome but it won't let me visit any websites except facebook and maps. Finally went through AOL to use the internet. Internet Explorer on its own doesn't work either. Facebook drives me a bit batty, I still don't understand the concept. 

Of course I have an antique phone that only makes calls in and out and doesn't do any other tricks. I am so confused about texting and facebooking and why either is so wildly popular. I'd rather be out in nature. Well, when it's not to frighteningly cold. Cold makes my condition worse, so cold is super hard on me. Boo hoo, I am just smiling and willing the sun to warm me up!

Today I am bundled up in 2 pairs of pants, 2 sweaters,  a super heavy jacket, fleece lined  boots and I am in South Carolina 70 miles from the coast in mid April. I heard rumors while walking the dog that it is snowing up north. 

Hello?  Wasn't spring supposed to arrive by now?

Even Easter is late this year. 

I am stuck in the c-c-c-cold, a bit too weak to travel. I guess I better go pay for another night at this campground here because I am not ready to travel and checkout is in 5 minutes. 

If my blog goes dead for a few days, then something is bad wrong with either me or the internet or both. 

I am a tad worried that my computer might have a virus or  malware. Not sure. Nothing is working right except AOL, thank goodness for small favors. Glad I still use AOL, never understand why they got a bad rep, they've always been good to me. I still find their proprietary email program to be superior to others. Today the AOL program is only thing working right on my computer.

Oh and more voodoo...

Woke up in the middle of the night. Looked out the windows and there was this huge blinking white light up above the campground. The tall trees had it obscurred, but I couldn't figure out what on earth it was. It just seemed to hover and blink, but no helicopter sounds. Now and then I would hear a truck fly down the highway but couldn't hear the blinking thing in the sky. 


I found the full moon peeking out from the high trees. At first I thought maybe it was the full moon hiding behind windy trees, but um no, that wasn't it either. 

But the blinking light was bright white, just hovering and blinking. 

Well, if it was aliens, they didn't take me away. 

I have no idea what this is...

Well, never mind, I can't seem to upload the pic. 

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