Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Hunting Island Spring 2014

Hunting Island Beach before the storm.

 I upgraded my bicycle with a milk crate from dumpster diving. Harley rides in the front basket, his beach toys and fresh water ride in the back basket.

 Careless campers go home, leaving their fire behind. Please always put your fires out with water or shovel dirt over them. Remember Smokey the Bear public service ads? It would be a shame to have an entire campground or island burn down over one careless camper. I see this so often, I wonder what's got into people. So little respect for mother earth. I saw some campers trying to put out a fire with small water bottles, luckily I had a 5 gallon bucket to loan them. All the campsites here come with water spigots.

Here comes the storm.

The French Canadians have come up with a clever pop-up teardrop camper. The black area across the top is all tinted windows. The entire upper section pops back down for traveling. What a fabulous idea.

Harley inspects the old beach road. Thankfully it was never built back, but it was never cleaned up either. Weather is warm one day, cold the next, sunny or stormy. I feel like I've experienced all 4 seasons here this week. One day I am wearing boots, 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and a heavy jacket, the next I am barefoot at the beach in shorts.

Friday April 11 is my birthday! Harley is planning on taking me out... for a walk. Tee hee hee! Any day I wake up alive, I know it's going to be beautiful, rain or shine. We were supposed to be on the road last week, but I was feeling poorly and one camp site had a cancellation, so we took it and moved over.

Today is the oldest I've ever been, also the youngest I will ever be. Life is goof.



Life is goof!