Friday, April 04, 2014

Photo Friday

Hunting Island
South Carolina


You can't please all the people all the time. *sigh*

I just noticed in my email the following note:

In a message dated 4/2/2014 5:20:37 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, (name removed) writes:

Re: Crime Scene and Campground Thieves  by Dear Miss Mermaid
Inappropriate !!!!
I will unscribing soon.
In view of the angry red large letters, I sent back a gentle reply:

It was an April Fool's funnery.
I got the idea because my neighbor reported 5 bicycles were stolen at Wickham Park where I was camping in Florida, then the next place I visited I was greeted with crime scene tape (3 murders) then when I arrived at Hunting Island, I met a woman cleaning up broken glass because she had a huge rock thrown through her driver's window, her wallet stolen, while she parked and hiked with her daughter at the marsh walk. This island is normally peaceful and tranquil. My nerves were shot. I wanted to see the humor in all this recent madness.
So I tried to make a funny post for April fool's day on a lighter note. I think all April foolery could be classified as inappropriate.
Perhaps I should have settled for claiming mermaids aren't real on April Fool's day, but most everyone knows mermaids exist, so it might have fallen flat too.


  1. Hey. It was great. Don't let the wags get you down. You're a WRITER. Writer's write. ANd if your writing does not entertain, you have failed. Your's is always entertaining! Please do not stop.

  2. I think that is one subscriber you can do without! Absolutely no sense of humor.

    The Troutman

  3. "i will unsubscribing soon". nonsensical. their fingers are way faster than their brains. it's your blog. tell them to piss off.


    peaceup raz

  4. Some people have no sense of humor! I was about halfway through when I thought, wait, what day was this post? When I got to the missing motor home I thought "Oh no! What will they do? -Wait, is this April Fool's post?" You got me even after I thought it might be a joke!! God one!!


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