Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Happy Pics

Today I am sharing happy pics, and wonderful thoughts if this daggum internet will let me. It has fought with me mightily while working erratically. I will check back every few hours and hit upload to see if this eventually shows up. 

There is a dolphin frolicking in the waves, but I was too far away to capture it.

A cold day at the beach is better than a warm day in hell.

I seem to be the only fool on the beach photographing the pending storm. That is a sign post in the distance, not a human.

Back in the day to own a travel trailer like this was considered frivolous luxury and campground fees were a pittance.

The storm came and went but only one other fool is on the cold and windy beach.
I was wearing two pairs of pants, three shirts and a jacket, racked with pain but I just wanted to commune with nature and pray for peace.

It has taken humans hundreds of years to learn that if you don't destroy the sand dunes, then the beach doesn't erode. Here a fence has been planted in an attempt to prevent folks from trampling the dunes while they recover.

The sun is out, the sky is clear and folks can be seen in the distance.

The sky was so overcast when I took this before the storm, that the unaltered picture appears to be black and white.

South Carolina has adopted the palmetto tree as their state tree.

A cold but sunny day found doggy and I alone at the beach.

I snapped this pic just in time, because for some silly reason my puppy dog wanted to playfully bark and bite and toss this in the air. It's a partial skeleton from a horseshoe crab.

A sand dollar washes up on the beach. 

I want to soar away like this kite, leaving pain and illness far, far behind me. 
The pics above were shot at Hunting Island in South Carolina by Dear Miss Mermaid. 


  1. Thank you DearMissMermaid,for sharing your travels! You give me hope that life CAN be better

  2. Aw, thank you so much for you super kind comments!


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