Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppity Easter from the Lake

Hoppy Easter from the dog!

After we arrived at Lake Hartwell, I put Harley outside with a rug he could lay on, since the concrete is pretty rough, like for a steep slippery hill, yet it's level. I have no idea why they used such rough concrete for the RV pad and patio. One of those mysteries!

Harley dragged his Bobo outside. That's the name for a long skinny toy with a face. He previously gutted it, so I tied a knot in the middle of Bobo shortening him up a bit and tucking his innards back in. Harley laid Bobo on the rug then looked at me wondering if I was going to bring out another rug for him to lay on. *Sigh*

The day we arrived Lake Hartwell was gorgeous. This is a partial view from our patio. We were so excited in spite of the nip in the air. Then an hour later temperatures plummeted to near freezing. Next it poured rain for two days and two nights. We were trapped inside when we longed to be in the great outdoors.

Well, I had to detour recently to get my roof patched up again, so this was a good test. Lucky for me it stayed dry.

With all this rain and muck, I hope I don't forget how to ride the bicycle. 



  1. Glad you made it I seem all that rain on the weather map.... Have a Happy Easter
    From me and Maggie

  2. Hoppy Easter...Harley was waiting for his easter basket, not another toy!

  3. i used to finish concrete. from what you said they just poured and struck it off with a 2x4. usually when you see this, well that is end of their abilities. they may have no tools or knowledge of the trade. it's called a "strike off finish".

    really not their fault. management fault. you are in a teabegger state. as in cheap. i live in one, also. there is an appropriate place for this. your right on farms to help keep the cattle from falling. once they fall they don't want to use the ramps. makes sense to me. smart cow. the first one i poured i had to go back an rough it up with my strike off.

    peaceup raz the notbot


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