Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What Next

Humans think up the darnedest things to do. This guy was ahead of me hauling gawd-knows-what that was hanging out of his truck, as wide as the road, no ropes in evidence, no bright red rags dangling in the wind. I was going 55 miles per hour and he was way ahead.

The picture is blurry because I was quite a ways back from him. I took the picture in case I had to explain to the insurance company what the heck hit me.

Awhile back I wrote about being scared out of my underpants when inexplicably the car fender from an auto ahead of me that was probably traveling over 70 miles per hour, came flying back down the road, slapping my windshield loud as a sudden clap of thunder. My overhead cab where the guest loft resides sticks out over my hood and above my windshield. The fender bounced up and down hitting the loft a few times while the dog and I stared in terror.

The car had previously passed me in a flash. Angels from above temporarily turned my windshield into bulletproof glass protecting me and the doggy. There is no other explanation as to why the windshield didn't shatter into a million and one pieces. We were both so shook up, I pulled off the road immediately to check for damages. I was shaking from head to toe like a palm frond in a hurricane. The dog was frightened and cowering in his seat. I had to utilize the broom closet right away (I keep a toilet in there.) Next we got out to walk around so Harley could water the bushes.

I picked up the offending fender. We traveled with it for awhile. By then the car was long gone. Since I had lived outside the USA for over two decades, I am pretty clueless at identifying types, makes and models of cars. The fender was a reminder that miracles and angels do in fact exist, you just have to believe. One day a few weeks later, I finally threw the fender out at a campground dumpster.

Occasionally I have wondered if and when the car owner noticed that their rear fender was missing in action. Well, if they ever turned around to go look for it, they didn't find it because for some fool reason, I was traveling with it in case I found the offender.

They still owe me a pair of new underwear.


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