Wednesday, April 09, 2014

More Hunting on Hunting Island

An ancient tree dwarfs my little old motorhome. We changed sites recently. I was too pooped to travel. Moving in the pouring rain was fun too. Life is goof. Hard to believe the beach is a 2 minute walk away. I'm tied down to the picnic table. Why didn't I learn this magic feat ages ago? It keeps the awning from flapping around and shaking the motorhome during a stiff breeze. Most folks use a type of sandscrew to tie their awning down. I can never get the sandscrews deep enough into the ground. Matter of fact, the last time I got a sandscrew deep into the ground, that's where it stayed. I never could get it back out again.

Nature is awesome.

The tide is definitely out.

Seashells fascinate me.

Breakfast for the birds.

Horseshoe crab casings resemble ancient helmets.

Ut oh! I walked a lot further than I realized.

Jellyfish washed ashore.

The receding sea leaves behind a tidal pool.


  1. Beautiful. I love the beach.

  2. So of my favorite places to camp...I'm hoping to be there for a few days mid May to relax y enjoy the ocean.
    Happy Birthday to an amazing traveling are an inspiration!!! Hope this new birthday is the beginning of a healthy y peaceful time in your life! Sending you healing energy y dreams of soft seas. La Serena


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