Monday, April 07, 2014

My Bicycle Budget TV Show

Years back I watched some decorating TV shows with a friend where someone mails in a picture of an expensive designer room that they want the decorator to do up for them on ten-percent of the cost of the designer room.

In the end the decorator is cheerfully extolling the virtues of her finished budget room and how it compares to the pricier room. She only spent ten percent and her budget room has a bonus or wow factor too.

Somehow, it never quite looks the same... but it's an interesting show.

Hmm... that is so much like me and my bicycle. Maybe I should do a bicycle show.

I carefully put together my proposal for the producer. Did my research, snapped some photos.

"Dear Producer,  
   I can show folks how to remake their bicycle at only ten percent the cost and it will be just as functional and come close to the original picture that costs ten times more.

   Enclosed are our two photographs, one that cost ten times more than the other one we did on a budget of less than ten-percent. 

   I bet you can't even tell the difference! I think your viewers would truly enjoy this.

Dear Miss Mermaid and Harley Dawg"

Here's the pictures and information we included for the producer:

The Original Idea
Here's how we want our bicycle to look with those cute but oh so functional sturdy wicker baskets.

Nantucket Front Oval Bicycle Basket $50

Nantucket Pannier Bicycle Basket $69 each times 2=$138

Total cost for designer baskets $188

Now here is our budget version, at a cost of less than ten-percent and as a bonus, we have a cute puppy up front!

I am wildly excited!
I figure any day now, that producer is sending his crew out to film my bicycle show.

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