Monday, April 28, 2014

The Bark Ranger Is In

Life is wonderful! I woke up alive, the sun came up, the doggy wagged his tail. What more could I want? Beautiful flowers are blooming.

I'm exhausted from the weekend workamping but that's OK. I am pretty much in the park 24/7. Harley has set up his chair, outfitting it with his bed, blankie, toys and a few golf balls he hides in the corner. He is happy enough keeping watch over the park, keeping everyone in line. One morning he hurled himself with such enthusiastic force into his chair, that it folded right up with him in it!

Silly boy.

My list of things to do is always so long, some days I don't know where to start. Should I make repairs to the motorhome or catch up on the laundry? Should I clean the litter out of the park or fold up the complimentary lake maps? Should I wash the dishes or wash the dog? Should we ride the bicycle or patrol on foot and paw?

Above, Harley is having a go round with the misbehaving monkey. I always knew Harley flies around, look at the close up. It appears no legs are touching the patio.

I caught this incredible picture (below) right after Harley flung monkey with such speed that monkey appears to be chasing him with speedy legs and flailing arms. Too funny!

It's been a tad cool in the mornings (below 72F) so Harley refuses to give up the sweater until it warms up.


  1. Hi!! I read your page everyday, and used to get emails whenever you posted.
    I don't get those e-mails anymore.
    Think there's something wrong with Feed Burner.
    If you know the reason could you please let me know.
    You and Harley have a great night.
    He's so cute!!!

    Thank You,

  2. I'm not getting email notifications that you posted either. Leave Sunday for bluegrass in Ochlocknee. Home 1 week and back to another festival in Guyton. How long will you be at the Lake?

    Lynn in GA


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