Saturday, April 26, 2014


I've been so busy workamping at the lake park, that I've not had time to write much at all.

For the past two weekends, plus Good Friday, boaters began arriving at 4am and just kept on coming in all morning long. At times there was traffic backed all the way up to the park entrance as boaters patiently waited for the folks ahead of them to launch their boats and get parked. We have a triple boat launch, but still everyone needs some maneuvering room.

You think I can fit anymore trucks and boat trailers in the parking lot? Every truck you see also has a boat trailer attached. Not only did I fill up the parking lot, but we squeezed a few in with some impromptu spaces overflowing onto the grass where possible. Still running out of room, I started filling up my driveway and yard until I had 12 more trucks and trailers sitting in my driveway and all over the grass.

The ranger turned up about that time. She was duly impressed I had the chaos under control and a bit amused that I had opened up my ample driveway to the overflow. I had my little park office scattered about on the patio. Harley was super thrilled to see the ranger, he thinks she only stops by to play ball with him.

Below is my driveway after the first four parked. My motorhome is hiding in the back left. Within the hour, I had eight more trucks and trailers squeezed in. Harley and I had just returned from park patrol when I parked these 4 up here. It was a bit cool this morning so he was wearing a little colorful sweater.

Harley did a great job of guarding the trucks and trailers. When people started showing up late in the day to reclaim their trucks and trailers, he was giving them pure grief with frantic barking. I had to keep saying "Shh! It's their truck, let them have it back!"

Harley wanted to charge them all a dog biscuit each for parking in his play land.

I keep trying to catch the red crested woodpecker that keeps pecking at the street light shown above. It makes a huge ruckus. Apparently he has yet to realize it's metal and not wood.

Life is goof.


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  1. Have you considered setting up a lemonade stand? Or a fish-cleaning service? Or maybe charging .05 to pet the pretty doggie?

    Or does the Park Ranger frown on small business ventures?


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